blogMad traffic exchange

January 8, 2006

Interested in this new traffic exchange?
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How weird are you?

January 8, 2006

Weird TV has an interesting quiz to actually test how weird you are.

To see how weird I am, GO HERE.

Awards for all

December 17, 2005

Congratulations! You too can be the “Website Of The Year”

Go here for the list.

Birthday countdown counter

December 17, 2005

Join in the fun and countdown to Larry’s birthday on January 17, 2006!

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Check out our Frappr!

Going to get my butt kicked

November 23, 2005

How do I thank Karla who pinned her Texas location to my guest map and then invited me to texas to “kick my ass”?

Karla, Karla, you don’t have any way to contact you other than leaving a comment on a post. And having said that, I’ll mosey on over to my other blog and leave a similar post for Karla.

Best invite I’ve had for a long time!

My epitaph

November 11, 2005

Still trying to figure out how to insert images in these posts.

The following is with the subpost on.
It looks like when you click the link, you are re-directed to the image linked to this post.

The next is with the subpost off.

This link takes you to a new page with the image. But enclosing the http within the html “a href” stuff doesn’t work. HMmmmmm.

Maybe I should just read the documentation. But having said that . . . what better generator than a Tombstone Generator?